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The Trends Are Minimal for Concrete Pavers

August 23, 2016

Minimalism is on the rise for many American families. At one time, property owners looked for lavish designs and demanding patterns to fill their spaces. These themes would come to life in carpets, furniture, wallpaper and so on.

More and more often, homes are now going the minimalist route. This is especially apparent in the movement back to sleek hardwood floors over carpet; flat and straight furniture over rounded; and simple but striking accents placed strategically on natural-toned matte walls.

This trend is also trickling out the door and into landscaping design.

Up until recently, many property owners were interested in color and patterns in their driveways and walkways. These patterns are more than just eye catching but often the center of attention. Concrete pavers are usually the material of choice for achieving these desired looks because of their lasting quality and range of value.

As with most trends, people are beginning to desire a more subdued look when it comes to their landscapes. Concrete pavers should still be the material of choice. With the numerous benefits concrete pavers offer, there shouldn’t be difficulty in convincing customers that for a style that complements, pavers are the way to go.

While showing your future customers examples of your work, be sure to include examples of concrete paver designs supplementing the surroundings instead of standing out. Modern looks are angling more toward neutral colors, simple patterns and overall quiet arrangements. Your customer may not know what they want until they see it. Make sure you’re the one capturing their vision.

Some customers may still crave intricate, eye-catching designs. Keep many variations of your work throughout your portfolio to showcase the range of your creative work. Whether your clients are interested in keeping up with the trends or really making their walkway pop, prove to them concrete pavers are diverse enough to meet their desires.

Email or call Standley Batch Systems today to learn about how we can help with your concrete paver output. Contact us at or call (800) 425-8084.

Standley Batch is American Made

August 4, 2016

Now more than ever, the desire for American-made products is on the rise.

United States citizens are looking for companies that invest in America for their products and services. From tools to footwear to vehicles, people feel good when the products or services they purchase contribute to the American economy.

Standley Batch Systems is a proud American company, but many American companies are based in America while still importing most, if not all, of their final product from other countries.

Standley Batch manufactures products for every aspect of our concrete paver, precast concrete, prestressed concrete, ready-mix plants, dry-mix plants bagging plants and frac sand plants here in the U. S. We’ve been leading the industry for over 75 years, and as a company, we’re more than just American based, we’re American made. This fact has only further cemented our hold on the industry.

At the same time, Standley Batch knows when it’s time to incorporate other experts.

We are a trusted dealer for Rapid Mixers. Rapid resides in Ireland, and since Rapid’s products go unchallenged, we value their partnership and the high-quality work they continue to put forth. Currently, Rapid’s planetary mixer is uncontested, and we’re proud to have the ability to supply our customers with the best in class.

American manufactures have a reputation to keep up. Consumers know they can trust us to uphold ourselves to U. S. standards and only reach internationally when we know the product is superior than what can be found on our soil.

Standley Batch is located in the middle of America, right on the coast of the Mississippi river. We’re proud to represent Cape Girardeau and America locally, nationally and worldwide.

Email or call Standley Batch Systems today to learn about how we can set you up with a custom plant the American way. Contact us at or call (800) 425-8084.

Key Benefits of Concrete Homes

July 25, 2016

Concrete homes have a bad rap of appearing too prison-like thanks to their square and often unimaginative structure, but that’s unfair to the range of innovation happening throughout the concrete and design industry.

Originally, Brutalist architecture made concrete homes popular from the 1950s to the mid-seventies rejecting the comfortable standards made popular by previous architectural movements. However, today concrete homes are making a comeback with comfort and ease leading the way.

There are many reasons you should consider concrete as a key material when building or remodeling your home.

  • Concrete homes usually have lower energy bills compared to their material counterparts.
  • Pets are less likely to damage concrete since its inherently scuff proof and easy to clean of urine and other pet accidents.
  • Since concrete isn’t of interest to pests such as termites or squirrels, you’ll save money normally put towards preventative maintenance.
  • With tornados becoming more prevalent across the country, concrete homes provide stability in the wake of fierce storms.

Concrete homes were once popular not just because of their appearance, but because of the many cost-effective benefits the material gives residents, and it never goes out of style.

Ask your concrete distributor how your home can benefit from concrete features.

Concrete structures can also be stunning. For inspiration take a look at this curated Pinterest board.


A Quick Guide to Rapid Mixers

July 7, 2016

Just as the KitchenAid stand mixer revolutionized baking in 1919, Rapid has been leading the concrete industry’s mixing needs since 1969. Rapid is an international company revered for mixing technology know-how and their mixing equipment, which you can order through Standley Batch.

The right mixer for your cement plant can make or break your plant’s output and efficiency. Investing in or upgrading to Rapid’s innovative mixers will keep your company competitive and productive while generating superior homogenized mixes.

The high capacity Rapid Pan Mixer mixer offers large yields suited perfectly for the ready mix industry. Other features include sturdy chill cast wear sleeves and paddles, heavy duty discharge door mechanisms and spring tensioned mixing arms.

For smaller batches, precast products and mixing semi-dry colored concrete, the Rapid Planetary Mixer is the best equipment. With this mixer, the motor and gearbox are on top of the machine meaning easier and safer cleaning maintenance.

Known for its fast mixing time the Rapid Twin Shaft Mixer is compact enough to fit in your existing plant but powerful enough to mix all of your aggregates thoroughly. To make sure of your mixture’s quality, the Rapid Twin Shaft Mixer also features tight-sealing inspection hatches which allow for viewing of your aggregate.

To add a Rapid mixer to your plant call us at (800) 325-8084 or email to upgrade your plant today.


Top 5 Reasons Why Automated Control is Perfect for Your Plant

June 22, 2016

The KFBatch II automated system offers:

 5.) Precise Control

KFBatch systems and equipment ensure your product is created exactly to your consumer’s specifications, which means you optimize production. Hands-on automatic dispensing offers interlock control of your valuable materials.

4.) Easy Data Processing

Automated control means your batch history is right at your fingertips assuring you of the continuing quality of your product. Reports are available in a web-based format easily viewable from almost any operating system in addition to placing a record in your SQL database.


With automated control, you no longer have to worry about consistency from batch to batch. An email alert system along with 24/7 support means you can rest easy knowing that even if there are errors, you’ve got a team of professionals waiting to help you.

2.) No More Guess Work

With automated control, you no longer have to worry about consistency from batch to batch. Mixing, color blending and more can be saved as mix designs guaranteeing your future batches will look, feel and act the same way.

1.)Support for Your New or Existing Concrete Plant

KFBatch II applications support packaged concrete plants, paver plants, pipe plants and more. Standley Batch can help you adapt the KFBatch II system specifically to your needs.

Email or call Standley Batch Systems today to learn about how we can set you up with the durable KFBatch II automation control system. Contact us at or call (800) 425-8084.

To see the KFBatch II automated system in action, check out this video: s

That’s So Retro

June 9, 2016

As old trends make a comeback, it’s time to think about how long your equipment has been around. Would your plant equipment be able to name each of the original Beatles members, do the hustle or blow everyone out of the water with its Robot dance moves? Well, maybe the Robot is okay in this case.

Thanks to the customization abilities of all our products, Standley Batch Systems can retrofit your current concrete paver or concrete block plant for today’s standards. Instead of buying a whole new system, stick with what you and and your company know best by making your current equipment up to date.

Since we do all of our work in house, you can rest easy knowing that your machinery will be to our quality standards along with yours. Once we’ve had a look at your equipment we can work together to come up with a solution that optimizes your gear and ensures you’re efficiently using your paver and block systems.

Along with retrofitting, Standley Batch makes concrete paver plants and concrete block plants fully customizable and easily adaptable. Or, if you’re in the market for something new, Standley Batch can help by building your equipment from the ground up with your facilities and goals in mind.

We know you want your customers to value your work which is why retrofitting is so important. While we can’t help you bring your flare pants, disco balls or rotary phones back in style, we can address your concrete plant needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you meet your needs guaranteeing your customers are still impressed with your work for years to come.

To find out more about our customization and retrofitting techniques, call (800) 325-8084 or email to customize your unique system today.

Our Latest Project-Molin

May 27, 2016

Our crew of talented experts helped Molin of Ramsey, MN with their latest project. Molin Concrete Products Company designs, manufacturers and installs precast/prestressed concrete products to residential homes, commercial buildings, hotels/motels, government buildings and more. We were proud to be a part of this project.

Below are some of photos of the projects we were a part of:

-Cement Silos

-Rapid Mixers

-Conveying Systems


Stay tuned for more upcoming projects from some of our loyal customers. To learn more about our products and services, contact us at or call (800) 325-8084.


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