Right now temperatures are high, and most people are thinking about the best ways to keep cool rather than stocking up on firewood. But as summer gives way to fall, cold temperatures will come on faster than anyone bargained for. If you work with aggregate, this can mean frozen chunks of material that can severely hamper production. We’ve worked with a lot of clients here at Standley Batch, and we haven’t met one who can spare the time to sort out frozen aggregate. That’s why we offer the Turbomatic heating system.

Turbomatic is a system that will heat aggregate, keeping it warm so it can be easily mixed together in batch. The systems work with plants we’ve designed, as well as with ones we haven’t. If you work with aggregate, they can work for you. And Turbomatic systems pack an added benefit: they can double as the heating unit for your entire plant. It’s an efficient way to keep everything warm in the winter.

So whether you need to heat just your aggregate or your entire plant, be it a Standley Batch plant or otherwise, look to Turbomatic. And until those cold temperatures hit, soak up as much summer sun as you can, to keep yourself warm during those long winter months.

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