The material handling and conveying systems we manufacture take quite a beating, and nowhere is that more evident than in the paint jobs—until now. We’ve recently purchased a new automatic blending painting system that allows us to apply a two part epoxy primer, followed by a two part urethane finish coat. The new system is computerized, guaranteeing that the two-part primer and the two-part finish coat are blended perfectly each and every time. And the result? A stronger paint job with drastically increased resistance to fading, corroding and scratching.

We also utilize a recycling machine that processes all of our thinners and paints. The system removes the thinner so that we can use it again, and burns the remaining paint down to its constituent parts so it can be properly disposed of in an EPA friendly manner.

We take pride in everything we do here at Standley Batch, from the design and construction of our material handling and conveying systems right down to the paint jobs. We can blend almost any color under the sun, and we spray paint each system by hand. We’re excited to offer newer, better paint so that our customers’ systems look great well into the future.

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