Did you know China has used more concrete in the last three years than the United States used in the last 100? Take a look at the most infamous buildings that use billions of pounds of concrete!

Three Gorges Dam, China – 144,309,356,753.51 pounds of concrete


Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- 848,878,569.099 pounds of concrete


Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE – 238,747,095.768 pounds of concrete


Currently the tallest building in the world

King Fahd Causeway, Saudi Arabia & Bahrain – 1,856,921,867.98 pounds of concrete


Grand Coulee Dam, Washington State – 47,749,419,512.94 pounds of concrete


Wilshire Grand, Los Angeles – 82,000,000 pounds of concrete


The Dome of the Pantheon, Rome – 9,997,964 pounds of concrete


The Pentagon, Washington DC – 1,764,507,448.36 pounds of concrete


At Standley Batch we’ve helped produce a lot of concrete in our 75 years. Maybe even enough to top these guys!

Visit www.standleybatch.com to see some of our most recent projects!

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