5 Fun Facts About Concrete!

Although Standley does not produce and sell actual concrete, we offer the machinery and design custom plants for the companies that do. To be sure we are offering the best and most up-to-date technology it is important to know everything and anything about concrete and how it works. While researching, we have come up with … Continue reading 5 Fun Facts About Concrete!

All About Aggregate Conveying

All About Aggregate Conveying: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nceFDaTF4Q A concrete conveyor is a piece of machinery used to transport mixed concrete from a truck or other containment system to another location to pour and cure. It is possible a concrete conveyor could be part of a cement mixing truck that is mobile once the truck is parked. A … Continue reading All About Aggregate Conveying

75 Years Strong

Our story began in 1940 when, Elmer Standley, started what is now Standley Batch Systems, Inc., as “Standley and Company.” This year we celebrate 75 years of continued innovation and excellence leading the material handling industry. Founder Elmer Standley began the company as a builder of steel crates, which were used to ship large rock … Continue reading 75 Years Strong