Perfectly blend and mix different colors of concrete with Standley Batch’s Multi-Flow Color System to your batching plant for fast and accurate color dispensing. Perfect for mixing powders or granules, our system allows you to switch between the two with zero modifications or downtime. From blocks and pavers to precast panels and bagged mixes, the Standley System will meet all your pigment delivery needs.

Here are just a few of the many time and money saving features our system provides:

  • Fast Mixing- Batching speed can be set between 1 and 1,000 RPM, thanks to its VFO, hydraulically driven screw feeders.
  • Large Volume Production- System holds up to 250 lbs. slurry or 150 lbs. g-grade or c-grade dry.
  • Rapid Formula Changeover- With water, the system’s stainless steel construction and the rinse ring on the blending vessel allows for complete clean out after each batch.
  • Versatility- Mixers can be located as far as 80 ft. away and 40 ft. above the dispenser vessel.
  • Accuracy- Each batch is individually weighed for consistent color, batch after batch.
  • Easy Dispensing- Material is dispensed to each mixer by flexible tuning. No need for expensive rigid plumbing.

For more information about Color Batching, call 800.325.8084 or email

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