Sand Alternatives for Aggregate

In a study released by the African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, stone powder was pitted against sand as an alternative for fine aggregate. Sand is a naturally occurring material, while stone powder is a byproduct of crushing stone, usually for other projects. While the consistency of sand is mostly uniform, stone powder consists … Continue reading Sand Alternatives for Aggregate


It’s that time of Year Again…

That's right, it's trade show time. Again, next year, Standley Batch will be attending the World of Concrete (WOC) trade show in Las Vegas, Jan. 16 - 20. As an exhibitor, we see firsthand exclusive and original equipment from manufacturers around the world. That's about 1,300 different organizations occupying more than 500,000 square feet of … Continue reading It’s that time of Year Again…

Domes, Homes and New Tech

Historically, dome architecture has been a favorite of powerful civilizations. To this day, the center of the concrete dome within the Pantheon bathes new and returning tourists in natural light. From Rome to Persia to Asia, many cultures have a period where domes were the architectural standard for their monuments and temples. It's no surprise … Continue reading Domes, Homes and New Tech