Think about the last time you savored the view from a high-rise building. Most likely, the structure was made of prestressed concrete. An efficient and strong construction component, it is commonly used in buildings that have multiple floors, like office buildings or hotels, in addition to prestressed concrete cylinder pipes.

What makes prestressed concrete so special is its economical price and its ability to disperse and support weight. In fact, prestressed concrete is the main component of high-rise buildings. Reinforced steel bars combined with aggregate create a unique structure that is economical, safe and environmentally friendly.

Prestressed concrete is even the material of choice for nuclear reactors and tension bridges. Talk about safe!

When using prestressed concrete, fewer materials are required in the long run because the tension from the upward force of the steel bars disperses energy throughout the concrete mixture, allowing weight to be distributed evenly. Since the building materials are made on plant grounds and then moved to the construction site, external factors that may get in the way of production are removed. So in the end, everybody wins.

Here at Standley Batch, we produce the equipment your plant needs to make high-quality prestressed concrete. Our state-of-the-art designs allow for precise customization to your industry’s standards.

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