Early last winter, in Stupino, Russia, Apis Cor unveiled a 400-square-foot home the start-up had constructed in 24 hours. Using a massive mobile 3D printer in subfreezing temperatures, the company erected a unique structure livable even in the cold climate – complete with appliances.

Using horizontal fiberglass reinforcements and polyurethane, along with dry material for insulation, the company claims the total cost of the project was a little over $10,000. This includes the foundation, roof, inner and outer finishing, windows, floors and ceiling.

Apis Cor believes that with the availability of geopolymer concrete, houses could soon be printed any season regardless of temperature and without the need for protective gear around the structure.

Watch the video here:

To us, the technology still has some maturing to do before it’s ready for any major construction projects, but seeing the general public’s interest in concrete homes spike is always a good sign for the growth of the concrete industry.

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