Correctly distributing aggregate is dependent on conveyors customized to your plant’s layout. We offer a variety of material handling conveyors to use throughout the batch making process, and we can modify our conveying standards to retrofit many existing plant designs.

Shuttle conveyors can filter and deliver aggregate to multiple storage bins quickly and efficiently.

shuttle conveyor 3


We supply weigh belts with feeder skirts and belt scrapers so you can weigh aggregate batches before transfer to your plant’s mixer.

weigh belt

The flexwall conveyor moves materials while taking up only one-third the space. Incline range is versatile from flat to vertical.

Shuttle conveyor

Our mud conveyors transfer mixed product and aid in blending and metering.

Weigh belt

Advanced conveying customization options include

  • in-line screening systems
  • pocket belts
  • shuttle belts
  • rotating/pivoting/indexing conveyor systems


Learn more about our conveying systems or request a quote.

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