While you’ll find our batch material handling plants all across the world, from Hong Kong to Canada, most of our plants are located in almost every state in the United States. With a large presence in Dallas, Texas; Central Missouri; Atlanta, Georgia; and Orlando, Florida, Standley Batch Systems, Inc. is truly an American company.

As a premier provider for concrete paver and block plants; precast and prestressed plants; ready-mix and dry-mix plants; bagging plants; and frac sand plants, we’ve been leading the industry for more than 76 years.

With nearly fifty close-knit employees in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Standley Batch is proud of our location and our employees. Our workforce is extremely dedicated and involved in the industry, traveling to trade shows and checking in on plants we’ve constructed.

No matter if you represent an American organization or not, you can be rest assured Standley Batch upholds the traditional American values of hard work and commitment to a project.

To discover exactly how much we’re dedicated to our products and concrete manufacturing plants, contact us to learn more about our warranties, storage facilities and more. Request a quote today – no obligation.

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