Whether your plant produces precast and prestressed concrete, ready-mix and dry-mix concrete, concrete pavers and blocks or you run a bagging plant, customizing your material handling system with automation is the best way to ensure the success of your final product from day to day.

Automation plant controls offer

  • precise control of mixing and aggregate distribution
  • easy data processing
  • reliability
  • removal of guesswork
  • support for new and existing plants

Batch plant control systems

Control systems come with a variety of configurations and options. Those offered by Standley Batch feature some or all of these properties:

  • touch screens
  • computer-based interfaces
  • web-based remote diagnostics and services
  • electronic database collection
  • printing
  • industrial Ethernet connectivity
  • remote i/o drops
  • plant floor call boxes
  • industrial programmable logic controllers
  • and more

Depending on the plant’s production type, our range of control systems can be configured to different applications – depending on the requirements and product of the plant.

Field control devices

Finding the perfect mix design requires testing and trial and error. Field control devices aid in fine-tuning mix designs so your end product meets your desired specifications. Use field control devices for

  • aggregate moisture control
  • mixer moisture control
  • level indication
  • web-based plant monitoring
  • aggregate handling
  • concrete color handling

For more information regarding plant automation or to improve your concrete plant’s performance, contact us here.

You can also see our automated system, the KFBatch II, in action:

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