Add the Standley Multi-Flow Color System to your batching plant for fast and accurate color dispensing.

With the flexibility to use either powdered or granular pigments, our system allows you to switch between the two with zero modifications or downtime. From blocks and pavers to precast panels and bagged mixes, the Multi-Flow Color System will meet all your pigment blending and delivery needs.

Multi-Flow Color System Features


Variable/speed batching. Surge hoppers allow for constant batching, even while the transportable hoppers are removed for foiling.


The system holds up to 250 lbs. slurry or 150 lbs. g-grade or c-grade dry. It can also serve up to four mixers, two simultaneously, even if each batch uses a different color formula.


With water, the system’s stainless-steel construction and the rise ring on the blending vessel allow for complete clean out after each batch.


Store up to 400 color formulas, or use additional components to store even more.


Mixers can be located as far as 80 ft. away and 40 ft. above the dispenser vessel.


Each batch is individually weighed for consistent color. The strain gauge load cell scale system delivers accuracy as fine as 1/100 of a pound.


Material is dispensed to each mixer by flexible or rigid tubing. Granular pigments require no added water for dispensing, making them an excellent choice for zero-slump or low-slump concrete mixes.

Multi-Flow Color System Options

Your product is unique, so your material batch handling system and your pigment blending system should be too. We make the Multi-Flow Color Batching System unique to best suit your end product.

  • Transportable hopper dispensing
  • Bulk bag hanger dispensing
  • Dry pigment bagging station
  • Dry/dry-wet slide rack dispensing
  • Ready-mix systems
  • Paver block systems
  • Single or double feed systems

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