Stamped concrete and pavers have come a long way in the last few decades – so much so that experts are predicting an annual industry growth rate of 6% through 2024.*

Research and Markets, a firm dedicated to understanding industry trends, reports that the stamped concrete market overshadows other sectors, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. America’s middle-class population continues to grow, Research and Markets noted, and their interest in outdoor customization, along with increased disposable income, will yield a higher demand for decorative concrete.

Not to mention decorative concrete blocks have several advantages over stone – they’re less expensive, less labor-intensive and can function as retaining walls, among other uses.

With so many consumers turning to decorative concrete solutions, this is a critical time for concrete manufacturers to optimize production efficiency while simultaneously ensuring their products perform and look better than competitors’. Here’s one way Standley Batch can partner with your plant to make that happen.

Standley Batch Concrete Color Blending

With our color blending technology, concrete block and paver manufacturers can develop products that look as nice or nicer than natural stone. Or they can create concrete color blends unique to the market. With our multi-flow system, you can mix any color with precise control. Combine our color-blending system with your own superior molds for a truly industry-defining product.

Learn more about our concrete color blending system in this video:

To find out how the Standley Batch color system could improve your concrete block and paver plant and products, contact us.

* Research and Markets

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