The Right Technology for the Right Application

Not only can Standley Batch design, build and finish your plants needs, we also offer a full range of control systems precisely configured to your specific application. Our systems can be customized to your needs with a variety of configurations and options, including: Touch-Screen/Computer-Based Interface Web-Based Remote Diagnostics & Service Electronic Database Data Collection Printing … Continue reading The Right Technology for the Right Application

Dust Control Systems Each of the Standley Batch cement silos comes equipped with a dust control system. The main purpose of the dust control system is to capture the dust generated during the pneumatic filling of the silos. The system is designed for continuous cleaning and the cartridges are replaceable. To learn more about our dust control … Continue reading Dust Control Systems

Aggregate Bin Moisture Control

Improve your concrete quality with Standley Batch’s aggregate bin moisture control. Our aggregate bin moisture control allows you to accurately measure and compensate the aggregate weighing system for the free moisture in the aggregates. Aggregate bin moisture control improves the quality of concrete, delivering the proper yield of aggregate and correcting mixer water targets. A … Continue reading Aggregate Bin Moisture Control

Concrete DIY Projects

Believe it or not, concrete is a very versatile material. It’s not just used in big projects or building, but also for smaller, DIY projects. For all you do-it yourselfers out there, check out this cool list of Concrete DIY Projects for your home: Concrete Clocks   Concrete Planters   Concrete Refrigerator Magnets    Concrete … Continue reading Concrete DIY Projects

All About Silos: Complete Material Handling Systems

Standley Cement and Fly Ash Silos are highly efficient and cost-effective storage systems that readily adapt to your operation. If you need concrete block, ready-mix, dry-mix, precast or prestressed, we can make a custom silo that best fits your needs. Our standard silo features the following: 125 BBL – 1400 BBL Crank handle emergency slidegate … Continue reading All About Silos: Complete Material Handling Systems

Color Batching Systems: Perfectly Mix & Blend Different Colors of Concrete

Standley Batch Systems, Inc. offers color-batching systems for your plant that perfectly mixes and blends different colors of concrete. Our concrete color systems offers exceptional operational cost performance and consistency batch to batch. Add the Standley Multi-Flow Color System to your batching plant for fast and accurate color dispensing. Perfect for mixing powders or granules, … Continue reading Color Batching Systems: Perfectly Mix & Blend Different Colors of Concrete

Now Trending, Residential Concrete Flooring

Concrete is not just for sidewalks; concrete is a new modern choice for indoor floors. Its surface can be finished in various ways—with colors, stains, and aggregates—and given a textured surface or buffed until glassy. Concrete floors are Extremely durable Easy to clean Water resistant As an added bonus, concrete works well with radiant heating, … Continue reading Now Trending, Residential Concrete Flooring

New Blog: What’s a Truck Hopper?

Most truck hoppers are 25 tons or larger depending on storage needs. They enable a truck to drive over or back on to a grate where the aggregate can be dumped. After passing through the grate, the aggregate is collected in the truck hopper taken by tunnel conveyor to the flex wall which then carries … Continue reading New Blog: What’s a Truck Hopper?

10 Most Significant Precast Concrete Buildings

10 Most Significant Precast Concrete Buildings 1. Walnut Lane Bridge 2. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway 3. Denver Hilton 4. Oneida Lake Bridge 5. Candlestick Park 6. Cheney Stadium 7. Beverly Hilton Parking Structure 8. Philadelphia Police Administration Building 9. Pan Am Building 10. U.S. Science Pavilion  

Rapid Pan Mixers

Mixers are the core of every concrete plant. At Standley Batch Systems, Inc. we’re proud to partner with to offer world class solutions to your mixing needs. Pan Mixers are standard equipment in all Standley Batch plants. Their design features include inspection covers which make maintenance and cleaning very easy. All rapid mixers have a … Continue reading Rapid Pan Mixers