Rapid concrete mixer profiles

We know you have a choice when it comes to stationary mixers. But if you want superior mixing and batching results, purchasing a Rapid International mixer is the best bet. Rapid Planetary Mixer Likes: Mixing precast, brick, glass, mortar or clay materials Body type: Compact A few words about me: Getting to my motor and … Continue reading Rapid concrete mixer profiles

There Seems to be a Misunderstanding

The public often believes concrete is simple. It’s water and gravel – adjust as needed. This information comes from weekend projects in the backyard, mixing a store-bought bag of aggregate in an unbalanced wheelbarrow. Water is an afterthought, crawling through a sunbaked hose until it's added to the mixture. While this gets the job done … Continue reading There Seems to be a Misunderstanding

Batch Plant Mixer Spotlight: Rapid Twin Shaft Mixer

If your ready-mix and/or precast designs do not require precision and performance, you might as well look elsewhere for a mixer. At Standley Batch, we produce and distribute only the best equipment available. That’s why, years ago, we became an official distributor for Rapid products. All Rapid products lead in mixing technology and innovation. Thanks … Continue reading Batch Plant Mixer Spotlight: Rapid Twin Shaft Mixer

Choosing the Right Admixture for Ready-Mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete continues to be one of the strongest and most durable materials available for horizontal surfaces, such as parking lots and driveways.  Further, on-site mixed concrete is difficult to regulate since it isn’t made in controlled conditions, like that of a ready-mix plant. On the other hand, choosing the right admixture for your ready-mix … Continue reading Choosing the Right Admixture for Ready-Mix Concrete

Reasons Pavers Rock

Completely modular and highly customizable, concrete pavers achieve the look of natural stone without the cost. Further, if installed correctly, pavers can redirect, absorb and clean water, helping to sustain the environment. Colors Today’s landscapers seem to go for natural colors such as tan, brown and burnt reds; however, one of the features of concrete … Continue reading Reasons Pavers Rock

3 Methods to Boost Your Plant’s Grinding Efficiency

Whether we want to admit it or not, the industry is facing challenges. From reducing CO2 emissions to finding reliable raw material suppliers, even with cement remaining a vital substance for modern housing and infrastructure needs, it’s more important than ever to cut costs where we can. That’s where grinding comes in. As it stands, … Continue reading 3 Methods to Boost Your Plant’s Grinding Efficiency

Is Geopolymer Concrete the Future?

Portland cement concrete is the most commonly used material in the construction industry. The demand for PCC is predicted to rise sharply until 2050. In that time, there is room for technology to improve and new ingredients for batch recipes to be developed.

The 2016 Trend to Invest in This Year

While concrete pavers look lavish, recent innovations have shown increased benefits for communities that use them for side roads instead of asphalt. For example, in Atlanta, Georgia, a city very prone to flooding, city officials had six miles of permeable pavers installed to cut down water backup. Since asphalt is one mass, proper drainage will … Continue reading The 2016 Trend to Invest in This Year