There Seems to be a Misunderstanding

The public often believes concrete is simple. It’s water and gravel – adjust as needed. This information comes from weekend projects in the backyard, mixing a store-bought bag of aggregate in an unbalanced wheelbarrow. Water is an afterthought, crawling through a sunbaked hose until it's added to the mixture. While this gets the job done … Continue reading There Seems to be a Misunderstanding


The 2016 Trend to Invest in This Year

While concrete pavers look lavish, recent innovations have shown increased benefits for communities that use them for side roads instead of asphalt. For example, in Atlanta, Georgia, a city very prone to flooding, city officials had six miles of permeable pavers installed to cut down water backup. Since asphalt is one mass, proper drainage will … Continue reading The 2016 Trend to Invest in This Year

2 Awesome Raw Material Alternatives

While fly ash and Portland cement are the big dogs in terms of raw materials for adding to cement, there are other alternatives ready to make a name for themselves. Silica fume This fine, glass-like powder is collected from electric arc furnaces. This multipurpose concrete mixture is made of water-soluble particles. These particles chemically react … Continue reading 2 Awesome Raw Material Alternatives

Dry Cast Versus Wet Cast

If you’re not well into the concrete industry, the differences in product creation and the reason for those differences can be hard to grasp. With wet cast and dry cast, the differences go further than the product’s manufacturing purposes. Wet cast is a favorite for use in the precast industry. Wet cast is better for … Continue reading Dry Cast Versus Wet Cast

Correcting Cement-Admixture Compatibility Issues

If developing concrete were easy, the world wouldn’t need professionals to tackle the job. However, a big problem facing some in the industry is cement-admixture incompatibility. For the record, when discussing admixtures, we’re referring to air-entraining admixtures, water-reducing admixtures, plasticizers, accelerating admixtures, retarding admixtures, hydration-control admixtures, corrosion inhibitors, shrinkage reducers, alkali-silica reactivity inhibitors, coloring admixtures … Continue reading Correcting Cement-Admixture Compatibility Issues

Shave Off Construction Time with Rebar Roll Mats

Imagine the installation time for your building project decreased 80 to 90 percent with minimal effort? Prefabricated rebar roll mats promise to aid in the reduction of overall labor and time put into construction sites. Instead of reinforcing crews individually installing reinforcement rods or steel mesh after completing many of the other steps reinforced concrete … Continue reading Shave Off Construction Time with Rebar Roll Mats

Asphalt Demand Requires Embracing Innovation

Your favorite restaurant did not become your favorite until after you tried the food. Sure, you can like the atmosphere, the bar options, the seating arrangements and you can be best friends with the hostess, but if the food was not amazing, you would not consistently walk through the doors to taste what the chef … Continue reading Asphalt Demand Requires Embracing Innovation