Benefits of Precast Concrete

At Standley Batch Systems, Inc., we customize precast and prestressed concrete plants to fit any plants needs. Precast concrete is a highly efficient, practical method of concrete production, which makes beautiful buildings possible. Besides being highly efficient and practical, precast concrete offers so many more benefits, including: Design-Build Efficiency: Precast concrete provides an efficient delivery … Continue reading Benefits of Precast Concrete

Mixing Things Up…

At Standley Batch, we design and build ready-mix and dry-mix plants to fit our customers’ needs, from new design to upgrades and retrofit of current systems. Each build, whether new or retrofit, is custom to your specific needs and fully integrated with your existing or new system. From concrete aggregate batching needs to mixing, accessories … Continue reading Mixing Things Up…

Twin Shaft Mixers

Standley Batch offers Twin Shaft Mixers as a Rapid USA Distributor and Parts Warehouse. The Rapid Twin Shaft offers a robust and compact design with thorough mixing of all aggregates. With its large output capabilities from 4yds3 to 6yds3 and fast mixing time, the Rapid Twin Shaft is ideal for use in the ready mix … Continue reading Twin Shaft Mixers

Color Batching Systems

Perfectly blend and mix different colors of concrete with Standley Batch’s Multi-Flow Color System to your batching plant for fast and accurate color dispensing. Perfect for mixing powders or granules, our system allows you to switch between the two with zero modifications or downtime. From blocks and pavers to precast panels and bagged mixes, the … Continue reading Color Batching Systems

Concrete Plants

Standley Batch Systems, Inc. leads the concrete industry in the customization of complete and integrated concrete material handling systems and concrete plants. We’re proud to offer total design and customization from start to finish, including retrofit and upgrades. We offer: Total Plant Design Concrete Paver/Block Plants Precast/Prestressed Concrete Plants Ready-Mix/Dry-Mix Plants Bagging Plants Frac Sand … Continue reading Concrete Plants

One-Stop Shop for All Parts

At Standley Batch, we’re the means to your end concrete product with proven performance for the concrete products industry. Here are just a few of our in-stock parts we carry to service and enhance your equipment in order to help you obtain that finished concrete product: Rapid Mixer Parts Pressure Relief Valves Safety Cages & … Continue reading One-Stop Shop for All Parts

Get Green with the Grey: 5 Easy Steps to Greener Concrete Production

Concrete is by far the longest lasting building material, if it is properly used. The longevity it provides helps to offset the energy it embodies, but in an age of greater awareness of the environment, carbon footprints, and green building, there are simple things that you can do to start a more sustainable approach to … Continue reading Get Green with the Grey: 5 Easy Steps to Greener Concrete Production