Latest Supplementary Cementitious Material Research

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2 Game-Changing Trends in the Concrete Industry

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Why we Love Precast/Prestressed Concrete

It’s no secret we’re fascinated with concrete and methods for using this versatile construction component. Learn why we believe prestressed concrete is a building material of choice in our latest blog post.

Is Geopolymer Concrete the Future?

Portland cement concrete is the most commonly used material in the construction industry. The demand for PCC is predicted to rise sharply until 2050. In that time, there is room for technology to improve and new ingredients for batch recipes to be developed.

Trade Show Success and Returning Home

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The 2016 Trend to Invest in This Year

While concrete pavers look lavish, recent innovations have shown increased benefits for communities that use them for side roads instead of asphalt. For example, in Atlanta, Georgia, a city very prone to flooding, city officials had six miles of permeable pavers installed to cut down water backup. Since asphalt is one mass, proper drainage will … Continue reading The 2016 Trend to Invest in This Year

2 Awesome Raw Material Alternatives

While fly ash and Portland cement are the big dogs in terms of raw materials for adding to cement, there are other alternatives ready to make a name for themselves. Silica fume This fine, glass-like powder is collected from electric arc furnaces. This multipurpose concrete mixture is made of water-soluble particles. These particles chemically react … Continue reading 2 Awesome Raw Material Alternatives