How to solve most silo problems

If you’ve been in the concrete industry long, you know that without proper oversight and extensive monitoring, silos can have their share of issues. While most problems lead to a shortened operational life, other problems can put employees in jeopardy. That’s why we’ve partnered with Hycontrol to distribute their new SHIELD Silo Protection System as … Continue reading How to solve most silo problems


Zonation in Marine Concrete: Simplified

Reinforced concrete is a go-to for bridges built to last. But not all of those bridges are for freshwater rivers or gaping ravines. A recent study evaluated concrete submerged in the ocean along the Norwegian and Danish coastlines. The concrete tested ranged in age from 2 to 34 years. No matter the age, the concrete … Continue reading Zonation in Marine Concrete: Simplified

Comparing material handling conveyors

Our conveyors are not limited to concrete manufacturers. In fact, one of our customers needed a conveying solution for cheese transportation and handling. We designed a conveying system to fit without extreme changes to their current equipment setup. Industries we serve include steel/metal production power/energy mining/minerals recycled materials and, of course, cement To meet the … Continue reading Comparing material handling conveyors

Rapid concrete mixer profiles

We know you have a choice when it comes to stationary mixers. But if you want superior mixing and batching results, purchasing a Rapid International mixer is the best bet. Rapid Planetary Mixer Likes: Mixing precast, brick, glass, mortar or clay materials Body type: Compact A few words about me: Getting to my motor and … Continue reading Rapid concrete mixer profiles

Concrete trade show season 2018

At the start of every year, we pack our bags and head across the country to visit with current and new customers at industry trade shows. These trade shows also give us a great opportunity to meet other concrete and masonry professionals from around the world. Which trade show will we see you at?   … Continue reading Concrete trade show season 2018

Concrete Industry News: Concrete Simulation Breakthrough

“The conditions of the world are changing,” says Oral Buyukozturk, MIT civil and environmental engineering professor. Increasing environmental demands on existing infrastructure and stronger regulations insist innovation must occur within the concrete batching and construction industries. In an effort inspired by the success of Roman concrete systems, Buyukozturk is trying to find a way to … Continue reading Concrete Industry News: Concrete Simulation Breakthrough

Planning for 2018: 4 Things Construction Professionals Need to Know

The time has come to evaluate 2017’s budget and plan for next year.   While the future is never certain, we’ve compiled a few predictions you should consider as you create next year’s goals. 1. Interest in decorative concrete is on the rise As the economy grows and more millennials buy homes, low-maintenance features are … Continue reading Planning for 2018: 4 Things Construction Professionals Need to Know