Conveyor Options for Your Concrete Batch Plant

Correctly distributing aggregate is dependent on conveyors customized to your plant's layout. We offer a variety of material handling conveyors to use throughout the batch making process, and we can modify our conveying standards to retrofit many existing plant designs. Shuttle conveyors can filter and deliver aggregate to multiple storage bins quickly and efficiently.   We … Continue reading Conveyor Options for Your Concrete Batch Plant

Sound is Getting More Concrete

Concrete is beautiful, and the tech industry is finally starting to notice. Master & Dynamic, a premium audio brand out of New York City, recently unveiled the MA770 wireless speaker made with “hand-finished concrete.” The company is selling the device for a little under two grand, and the device features woven Kevlar, built-in Chromecast Wi-Fi … Continue reading Sound is Getting More Concrete

Testing Seashell Viability in Mixtures

More than a few researchers have tried to find ways to incorporate seashells into the construction industry even more. Seashells are attractive because of their high calcium carbonate content, which yields improved strength properties compared to other resources.

Reasons Pavers Rock

Completely modular and highly customizable, concrete pavers achieve the look of natural stone without the cost. Further, if installed correctly, pavers can redirect, absorb and clean water, helping to sustain the environment. Colors Today’s landscapers seem to go for natural colors such as tan, brown and burnt reds; however, one of the features of concrete … Continue reading Reasons Pavers Rock

3 Methods to Boost Your Plant’s Grinding Efficiency

Whether we want to admit it or not, the industry is facing challenges. From reducing CO2 emissions to finding reliable raw material suppliers, even with cement remaining a vital substance for modern housing and infrastructure needs, it’s more important than ever to cut costs where we can. That’s where grinding comes in. As it stands, … Continue reading 3 Methods to Boost Your Plant’s Grinding Efficiency

Latest Supplementary Cementitious Material Research

We’ve analyzed some of the most valuable data.